Is it too Late to Clean Gutters?

In most years, Lower Mainland weather starts to get very wet in November. Well, it’s earlier this year. If you’re still relaxing from the drier Fall days, you might wonder if it’s too late to clean gutters that are starting to overflow.

It’s true, you are better off making sure your gutters are clean and ready long before the winter rains begin. But it’s not too late. In fact, any time of year is fine to clean gutters.

At Clover Clean, it’s never too late to clean gutters

This year, the wet weather is earlier than most years. But don’t put off gutter cleaning to the Spring. Here’s a few reasons why residents and commercial building managers in the Surrey and Langley areas call Clover Clean for gutter cleaning services:

November is cold and wet

As the days turn cold, wet, and dark, most people prefer to be inside. And you probably have better things to do than clean your gutters on the weekend. At Clover Clean, we’re used to the wet weather. In fact, since we use water for most cleaning jobs, we’re used to getting wet year round! And since we work during weekdays, we can clean your gutters while you’re at work. Then you can rest on the weekend, knowing that your gutter system is doing its job.

Ladders can be hazardous to your health

Many homeowner accidents involve falling from ladders. It might seem harmless and efficient to reach just a bit further when you’re at the top of your ladder, but that could be a costly mistake. As the weather gets wetter, using a ladder on slippery, muddy surfaces becomes more dangerous. Clover Clean pros are properly trained and experienced when it comes to ladder use.

Even Gutter Guards need a hand

You’ve probably seen ads for gutter solutions that try to reduce the amount of leaves and debris that fall into your eavestroughs. There are solutions that work wonders. But even with gutter guards, we have found that we still need to clean gutters. Otherwise, debris that remains on the gutter guard will block gutters and water will pour over the edge. Additionally, some gutter guards allow smaller leaves and debris to enter the gutter and clog the system.

gutters needing cleaning

Even with gutter guards, gutters need regular cleaning

Call Clover Clean to discuss your gutter maintenance needs

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance can help relieve all these scenarios—and more. If you have questions about gutter guards, gutter repairs (or if you still think it’s is too late to clean gutters) please contact us.

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