Professional Window Washing Benefits Surrey BC Homes and Commercial Properties

Window cleaning is one of those building maintenance tasks most people think of in the Spring. In Surrey and metro Vancouver, the sun usually starts appearing more frequently in February. After a mostly grey winter, the sun shines through our windows, revealing a few month’s worth of dirt and … [Read more...]

Ice and Snow Removal Services for Homeowners

Lower Mainland Snow Finding snow removal services in the Lower Mainland is often challenging. In fact, heavy or prolonged periods of snow often catch us by surprise. Why is that? We’re Canadian, after all; we're supposed to be used to snow. Other parts of Canada have far more experience … [Read more...]

Vinyl siding cleaning: Pressure washer or soft brush?

Vinyl siding cleaning is an important part of maintaining your house or strata building. Mold, mildew, and algae forms quickly on siding in our damp Lower Mainland winters. Neglected dirt makes your building unsightly, and also shortens the life of your vinyl siding. Homeowners and property … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Remove Roof Moss

In damp climates, many homeowners and building managers find it challenging to remove roof moss. Since moss thrives in damp, shady environments, we find it is a persistent problem in BC's Lower Mainland. There are certainly ways to deal with moss on your roof yourself, but of course, we … [Read more...]

Is it too Late to Clean Gutters?

In most years, Lower Mainland weather starts to get very wet in November. Well, it's earlier this year. If you're still relaxing from the drier Fall days, you might wonder if it's too late to clean gutters that are starting to overflow. It's true, you are better off making sure your gutters are … [Read more...]