Professional Window Washing Benefits Surrey BC Homes and Commercial Properties

Professional window washing benefits - Surrey BC luxury homeWindow cleaning is one of those building maintenance tasks most people think of in the Spring. In Surrey and metro Vancouver, the sun usually starts appearing more frequently in February. After a mostly grey winter, the sun shines through our windows, revealing a few month’s worth of dirt and smudges.

But washing windows extends beyond Spring cleaning. There are many benefits to regular professional window maintenance throughout the year.

Seasonal benefits of professional window cleaning

Spring – This is the most obvious time to see window washing benefits. Once the sun starts shining, dirt and smudges become very apparent.

Summer – As the weather starts to warm up and dry up in Surrey and throughout metro Vancouver, dust and debris settle on our buildings. Windows get more attention in the summer since we open and close them more often. Opening windows for fresh air is a great benefit, but also increases the number of smudges and fingerprints.

Fall – As the weather starts to get colder and wetter around Surrey, another window cleaning service will help prepare for winter.

Winter – If you’ve looked after Fall window maintenance, you may now relax for a few months and enjoy the view through clean (although likely wet) windows.

Heavy dirt and smudges on windows make cleaning an obvious necessity. Many homeowners and property managers are capable of cleaning ground level and interior side of windows. But professional window washing that is part of your regular home or building maintenance plan makes a noticeable difference.

Having your windows washed by a professional has benefits for the windows, for your building, and for those who live and work in the building.

Window washing benefits your windows

Protect your windows

Removing buildup of dirt helps your windows last longer. Dust and contaminants in the air and rain etch and discolour glass. Scratches lead to distortions in glass, making it difficult to see through the windows. Buildup also makes it difficult to properly open and close windows. Over time, excessive dirt will damage the window’s mechanism.

Like most maintenance tasks, spending a little money on regular cleaning can prevent large repair or replacement costs down the road.

Reduce harmful mold

Prolonged exposure to moisture and condensation can breed algae and mold on windows. Algae that is left to spread will break down window sealing. In addition to being unsightly, mold may cause sinus and respiratory problems.

Window washing benefits your building

Maintain your curb appeal

If you’re selling your house, a professional exterior cleaning will help your property stand out in the hot Lower Mainland housing market. But even if you’re not planning on selling soon, window cleaning will help improve the appeal of your home. Keeping your property clean is also an important part of maintaining a safe and desirable neighbourhood.

Improve your building’s interior appeal

Clean windows optimize the natural light entering your rooms. Sunlight streaming into a living room creates a more comfortable and inviting environment. For office workers, natural light is a healthy alternative to electric lighting.

Maximize heating efficiency

As mentioned above, windows need to be cleaned throughout the year, not just during sunny weather when dirt, streaks, and smudges are more noticeable. Having your windows professionally cleaned before winter is especially important so your windows can maximize the little bit of sun we see in a typical Surrey winter (yes, we all know sunny White Rock is an exception!).

Window washing benefits YOU

Protect personal safety

It’s pretty easy to clean windows at ground level, but once you start climbing ladders, you risk personal injury. Clover Clean’s professional window cleaners use high quality ladders and are trained to use them safely.

Additionally, many homeowners use off-the-self chemical cleaners that can be harmful to breathe in can cause skin irritation. Chemical cleaning solutions may also damage the plants and flowers surrounding your home. Clover Clean uses eco-friendly cleaning products to wash windows and we’re always careful around plants.

Save time

If you do something on a regular basis, you get good at it. If you only clean a few windows a year, you could be using time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere – like relaxing in your home after work, spending time with family, or enjoying a home-cooked meal with friends and neighbours.

Hiring a professional window cleaner like Clover Clean means you can bundle other building maintenance services like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof moss removal, and more. Once you get your home or commercial property on a regular maintenance schedule, you don’t need to worry about missed cleaning times throughout the year. Your property will look great year round!

Improve mental and emotional health

Professional window washing benefits - happy office workersClean windows provide an extra edge to help get through dreary winter months. It’s hard enough looking out the window at another cloudy day. But if that window is dirty or difficult to see through, it may negatively affect your mood. Window washing benefits workers, shoppers, and homeowners.

For workers in commercial properties, clean windows help improve employee attitudes and general well-being, especially for those working next to a window all day. A healthier atmosphere for employees helps them be more productive. Clean windows is one way to improve employee happiness.

For storefront businesses, clean windows say a lot to your customers about your business. They show customers and clients that you care about your products and services and want to keep your business running clean and orderly.

For homeowners, professional cleaning will increase your confidence to invite people into your home.

These are just a few benefits of professional window washing services for Surrey residences and commercial buildings. You could probably add to the list.

Ask us about Clover Clean window cleaning packages designed to keep your windows looking their best throughout the year.

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