Pressure Washing

pressure washing concrete driveway

The Need for Pressure Washing in Surrey and Langley

Lower Mainland BC weather takes a toll on the buildings we live and work in here in the Surrey and Langley area. Long-term building maintenance includes careful and precision pressure washing services.

whirlaway pressure washerPower washing for your house

We use commercial size pressure washers and whirlaways. With these tools, we can remove mold, mildew, dust, fungus, and most stains on pavements, decks, roofs and more. Our fast and efficient service means your property is professionally cleaned and maintained.

Commercial pressure washing services

Pressure washing is important for your property’s maintenance. Additionally, it helps improve your building’s curb appeal. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your property, or you want to attract new customers, a clean building can make a huge difference.

Our trained professionals make sure that when we finish our power washing service, we don’t leave a mess behind.

“We hired Clover Clean to pressure wash and seal our driveway, walkway and patio. We are very happy with the result and will use Clover Clean again.”
– Janet (South Surrey)

Can I use a power washer on vinyl siding?

While it might seem more efficient to use a power washer to remove mildew on the siding of your house, the power of these machines can actually damage your vinyl siding. While it might seem like a good idea, damage caused by a power washer may lead to costly repairs to your building.

vinyl siding hand washingUnlike many of our competitors that use high PSI pressure washers that can crack or weaken siding, we clean vinyl siding by hand with soft brushes and bio-degradable soap.

Yes, this method might take a bit longer. But your vinyl siding will last much longer. We think you’ll agree that hand washing with soft brushes provides better results than washing with high PSI power washers.

What is the cost of power washing a house or commercial building?

We do pressure washing in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Costs for pressure washing services vary depending on the surfaces that need cleaning, size of the building, accessibility, etc. For a free quote on pressure washing or vinyl siding cleaning for your house, please contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

For commercial or strata building needs, please visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to request a quote.

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