Ice and Snow Removal Services for Homeowners

Lower Mainland Snow

snow removal services help avoid getting car stuck in winterFinding snow removal services in the Lower Mainland is often challenging. In fact, heavy or prolonged periods of snow often catch us by surprise.

Why is that? We’re Canadian, after all; we’re supposed to be used to snow.

Other parts of Canada have far more experience dealing with snow than we do in the metro Vancouver area.

Because we can go years without a snowy winter, our municipalities simply do not have large budgets for snow removal services to keep all our streets clear.

Most commercial properties, storefront businesses, and strata complexes have outside snow removal contractors to keep their parking lots and walkways clear of snow soon after a snowfall.

What about snow removal services for residential properties?

No one expects their municipal services to shovel their driveway or sidewalks in front of their home. Homeowners are responsible for that.

Are homeowners required to clear sidewalks?

Did you know that in Surrey and Langley, like many municipalities in the Lower Mainland, bylaws require residents to clear the sidewalks in front of their property? Most bylaws say that you must clear snow within 24 hours of snowfall. Many have fines for non-compliance.

Read Surrey snow removal bylaw

Read Langley snow removal bylaw

For other metro Vancouver communities, CKNW has a helpful map of snow clearing rules and bylaws.

If snow removal is a problem for you, if you lack the proper equipment, or you simply don’t have time or energy to do it, we can help. During the winter months, our regular services like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window washing are in lower demand. This is especially true when it’s freezing outside!

Clover Clean crews are available to help with residential snow and ice clearing needs.

front view of Clover Clean's ATV for efficient residential snow removal

Many snow removal companies focus on large commercial lot clearing with heavy equipment. But we specialize in ice and snow removal for homeowners. We can clear small parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. Our snow shovels are still handy, but our front plow-equipped ATV is perfect for areas too big for a shovel or too small for heavy-duty snow plows.

Contact us today for a free snow removal estimate.

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