Christmas Light Installation


Another house all cleaned up and lit up for the holidays by Clover Clean

Yes, Clover Clean also offers professional Christmas light installation services! We’re helping to light up Surrey and Lower Mainland neighbourhoods for the holidays.

Our goal is to help you maintain the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. Although this generally involves services like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning, we can help with miscellaneous services too. Like Christmas light installation.

Once we have cleaned your siding, concrete, and gutters in the Fall, contact us to install your holiday lights. We’ll get them up so you can have some holiday down time.

We are trained and experienced with all the tools needed to hang your holiday lights. Many of our customers love the lights but dread the thought of climbing up and down a ladder. Others find it hard to make time during this busy season. Some people don’t like to be out in the cold and damp, freezing their fingers fighting with gutter clips.

When it comes time to take down your lights after the holidays, we’ll be there. January can be much colder than November, making the task of taking down lights even less appealing. Let Clover Clean do the installation and take down work for you.

While we’re installing your Christmas lights, we can also replace your soffit lights. These bulbs can be very difficult to access without the right equipment and experience. Don’t pay for an expensive electrician to replace soffit lights. Get a quote from Clover Clean first.

Need help with your Christmas light installation this year? Contact Clover Clean today.


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