5 Ways to Remove Roof Moss

In damp climates, many homeowners and building managers find it challenging to remove roof moss. Since moss thrives in damp, shady environments, we find it is a persistent problem in BC’s Lower Mainland.

An example of a house that needs to remove roof moss

There are certainly ways to deal with moss on your roof yourself, but of course, we suggest you give us a call and have us treat the problem for you—no getting messy or risking injury climbing up on your roof.

Here are five ways people in the Surrey and Langley area deal with moss, plus a sixth solution that doesn’t involve much of your time or effort!

1. Cut down tall trees around your house

Yes, this sounds a bit drastic. But the point is, roof moss often forms in areas that do not get sufficient sunlight. If you have a large tree shading your roof, you might notice moss forming in those shady spots.

But seriously, DO NOT cut down your trees just because they’re shading your roof (although some pruning may help overhanging branches). We say this so you’re aware of one of the ways moss forms. There are better ways to remove roof moss!

2. Use a pressure washer or scraper

As tempting as this might sound due to the efficiency of pressure washers at cleaning stubborn surfaces, please DO NOT use a power washer on your asphalt shingles. The high pressure of these machines may remove the moss, but they will also damage your roofing system. Not only can pressure washing lift shingles, they can also remove protective granules from the shingles and reduce their life expectancy.

3. Buy a chemical solution and DIY sprayer and follow directions

There are many commercial roof cleaning products available for homeowners who want to remove roof moss on their own. Some are more harsh, so you need to be sure to wear protective gloves, eyewear, footwear, and clothing. Others claim to be eco-safe and/or biodegradable. Whatever the label says, be sure to protect your valuable plants that might get poisoned when the chemicals run off your roof.

4. Make your own home grown solution to spray on the roof

If you’re not interested in commercial solutions, you can also find DIY home-brew roof moss killers online. Most of these consist of some combination of soap, bleach or vinegar. While these might offer a more “natural” solution, you still need to be careful of your surrounding gardens and your skin. Additionally, you will probably need to use a soft brush after applying the mixture. If you are inexperienced with handling roofing material, you may inadvertently damage your roof.

5. Apply a zinc strip to your roof ridge

Zinc strips have the potential to kill roof moss. However, in most cases these strips wear out quickly due to oxidation. They also crack and break easily and if not properly installed, they may not be as effective as needed for your roof. If you really want to try zinc strips, consider hiring a professional roofer for optimal results.

6. Call Clover Clean Building Maintenance

The best way to remove moss from your roof (in our humble opinion) is to call Clover Clean for a free appraisal and estimate. We can assess your specific roof and property needs, examining your shingles and the plant life surrounding your home or commercial building.

Our moss treatment begins with a custom, eco-friendly solution (friendly for your plants, not for the moss!). Then we work to remove dead moss and protect your roof from future moss growth. When we’re finished, we clean up after ourselves, as per the standard Clover Clean way.

Scheduling a time to remove roof moss

Although we can clean roofs any time of the year, we do need a stretch of dry weather for best results. Rainfall too soon after the treatment will wash away the solution before it can go to work on the moss.

Please contact us and we will work together to book a stretch of good weather for your roof moss treatment.

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