Window Cleaning

Clover Clean provides quick and effective exterior window cleaning services for residential buildings, commercial properties, and multi-unit strata/condominiums. Our service area includes Surrey, Langley, and most of metro Vancouver. We offer hand cleaning for a streak free shine, as well as water fed pole (tucker pole) washing for hard to reach windows up to 4 stories.

Clover Clean window cleaning with squeegee

We’re concerned about getting your windows as clean as possible. But we’re also mindful of the plants surrounding your building. To clean and protect your property, Clover Clean uses biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. For the best clean possible, we use professional window washing tools like high grade squeegees and extension poles. Our aim is a quality, long-lasting clean.

“My windows have never been so clean. Great Job!”
– Marg (Delta)

Why we use rubber squeegees for our window cleaning services

Clover Clean window cleaner using tucker poleWashing windows with paper or cloth towels alone can smear the dirt on your window, leaving unsightly streaks. But the same could be said for squeegees. If not properly used and maintained, any window cleaning tool can leave residue. But in the hands of professional window cleaners at Clover Clean, rubber squeegees provide the best, most efficient method of washing windows.

Professional window cleaners for a noticeable difference

Clean windows are one of those exterior building maintenance tasks that many homeowners and property managers neglect. When our professional window cleaners finish, however, you’ll be amazed at the view from the inside out.

Since window washing has the potential to leave dirt stains and residue on buildings, our professional attention to detail means that we don’t leave a mess behind. We work hard at leaving your building cleaner than the way we found it.

When you see the difference Clover Clean window washing can make, we hope you’ll make it part of your regular exterior building cleaning routine.

For a free quote on window cleaning for your house, please contact us today.

For commercial or strata building needs, please visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to request a quote.

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