Gutter Cleaning

Clover Clean gutter cleaning Surrey home - with vaccuum

Professional Gutter Maintenance Services Help Protect Your House or Commercial Property

Gutter cleaning is one task many homeowners in Surrey and the Lower Mainland neglect. It’s understandable. Since you usually cannot see the slow buildup of debris in your gutter system, you tend to leave gutter cleaning until it starts becoming a serious problem.

Why is it important to clean your gutters regularly?

Clogged gutters and downspouts will damage your eavestrough system over time. Overflowing gutters may also cause excessive water buildup around your building. Too much water flowing back to your foundation is destructive in the long term.

Our beautiful BC summers often lull us into thinking that all is well with our gutters. But once the Lower Mainland rains start to fall in November, water begins to rise and overflow eavestroughs. Only then do many people see their gutter problems. That’s why we recommend calling us to clean your gutters professionally well before November.

How we clean gutter systems

Unlike other companies that use either a “scoop” or blower for eavestrough cleaning that leaves debris behind, Clover Clean only clears out gutters with commercial vacuums or by hand, ensuring your gutters are clear and free flowing. Our cleaning crews are trained in proper ladder use for safety and to protect your gutters.

Using our commercial size vacuum systems, we will ensure that your gutters are left clean and in great working order. Our vacuums handle whatever fills your gutter: leaves, needles, twigs, sand, and that mysterious mucky black stuff!

When we finish, we take away all debris and leave your property as clean as we found it. We also make sure we clean the exterior of your gutters by hand, leaving them much cleaner than we found them.

“I hired Clover Clean to wash my vinyl siding and windows and am very happy with the job they did. After they finished they gave me a breakdown of what needed work and what could wait. Very honest and friendly.”
– Karin (Vancouver)

Gutter Repairs go hand-in-hand with our Gutter Cleaning Services

Clover Clean gutter cleaning and repairAre your gutters leaking?

If you notice damage to your eavestroughs or downspouts, but see they are not yet in need of complete replacement, we offer a wide range of gutter repairs from fixing leaky corners to downspout replacement.

Clover Clean offers quality gutter cleaning for residential and commercial properties throughout the Surrey and Langley area. We are proud of our workmanship. You’ll be even more proud of your home or commercial building when we finish. When the rains come this year, you can relax indoors, knowing that your gutters are clean and ready to handle another wet Lower Mainland winter.

For a free quote on eavestrough cleaning for your house, please contact us today.

For commercial or strata building needs, please visit our Commercial Cleaning Services page to request a quote.

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